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    Hey 750V owners... Good news! I got a reply e-mail from Bruce (the maker of phonealarm) letting me know that Keylight for 750v is available for download. I downloaded Keylight for "other devices" and, yup, it indeed works on my 750v. It works great!!

    I woud really like to conserve battery life on the 750 (you all know what I mean), so this is a great option to have (I also have it on my 700wx, a different keylight version). Keylight can also be integrated with phonealarm profiles so that you can schedule your keyboard lights to stay off during the day and turn on at night etc.. Thank you again, Bruce, for all that you do!!

    Happy phonealarm registered user,
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    It's always good to have options, but it seems less useful for the 750v. The keylights are only on for about 10 seconds, then turn off themselves unlike other Treos. If anything, I want something to let me turn them on longer most of the time.
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    I feel that keylight is still a good enhancement for the 750v. That 10 seconds of light must take some processing power to turn on and then off, and the lights themselves, I'm sure, are power hungry.

    I like the idea of "only use it when you need it".

    You also reminded me of another reason this application is very useful... Keylight will prevent your keylights from turning on when you tap the screen or use non-qwerty buttons. Conserving battery life is everything with this device.

    Yes, I too want the option of leaving the keylights on for longer than the default time as an option, but not as excited as I am with the option to turn them off completely and use scheduled profiles to tell the keylights what to do.
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    Good to see someone working on the 750v

    Tested and works well!

    I think the keyboards lights are just perfect TBH. And i cant see them having a big impact on battery life im sure if i just turn the data connection off when im not using instead of leaving it on all day and night that would have a much better impact.

    But i have found the battery to good, to be fair i do have the screen brightness lower than the default setting (It seems to help in the sun light) and very rarely use bluetooth.
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