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    I have a bunch of useless ISP I want to get rid of on the wifi list. simple question: how do I delete them? there is no delete option. i have been trying to find a way to delete them and there is no "delete" button or option.

    my next approach: use window explorer and delete them manually somehow.

    thanks in advance. - John
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    This is how I do it on the Cingular 8125:

    Comm Manager - Enable WiFi - Settings - WiFi Settings - Menu - Network Cards - Under the Wireless Tab will be a list of available and past APs the device has been associated with. If you tap and hold on them a menu will come up. Tap on "Remove Settings". This will take it off the list.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'm sorry, but there wasn't any file in the "connmng" folder. I don't think im talking about the network card either. There is a list of wifi connections i want to delete but there is no delete option. Thank you phattshalz.
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    problem soved.

    i used an enhanced wifi program that allowed me to delete certain networks. thanks all.

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