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    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but every now and then, with seemingly no pattern at all, when I press a button, my phone will go to the ActiveSync screen and lock up completely. After a soft reset, all is well again for days, possibly a week or so, but it inevitably happens again.

    Anyone seeing this?
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    i saw lots of that kind of stuff in Sept and Oct....but I solved all my WM5 problems...I switched 2 weeks ago to a Blackberry 8703...good bye syncing problems and constant soft resets.....I have never had any mechanical device that was this precise....goodbye microsoft....never again!!!
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    I wish I could join you, but it is not to be... I have seen the ease of the Blackberry firsthand, but it would never do... I need to get my little fingers in there and muck around, but then again, that's also part of the problem (the other part being lousy support from companies who peddle this crack to us)...

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