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    Hi all,

    What type of applications would you as 700w(x) treo users like to see developed on our device? Thanks
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    A.I.M. as close to the CPU version as possible. Why can't Mobile AIM come on a treo? It's not even applicable to download the software o.0, why is that?
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    Jimmie Geddes
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    VGSMAIL is very close to chatter for IMAP push. I liked it when I used it, with no issues
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    Does this work on WM5? Suggests in the thread it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT View Post
    Does this work on WM5? Suggests in the thread it does.
    Which program? There are a few mentioned there
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    2 games:

    1. Karuko or Cross Sums
    2. Cryptograms
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    I would love to see a MLB gamecast type application or applet for WM5 devices. Yahoo sports and ESPN have it for regular browsers. I have found a couple of light wap sites that provide minimal functionality, but a full client that shows runners on base, who's up to bat/pitching, box scores, etc all with a WM5 interface would be cool.
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    splash money (or any equivalent budget software that allows you to pull your information OTA
    CHATTER - nuff said
    Decent browser that supports JAVA and renders better that PIE
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    Chatter!!!! Mark!!!??? ;-)
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    Chatter would kill for Windows Mobile I'm sure you could use Splash Money with StyleTap it allows OTA.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    A stand alone interface for ORB
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    I'm running Agendus professional 11.05 on my 700wx using StyleTap. It allows you to run Palm OS apps on Windows Mobile.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Maybe a Poll asking what would be the most requested WM app?
    No Need!
    It would be WM Chatter!
    Just call me Berd.
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    Don't hold your breath for Chatter.

    As a long-time Palm OS user, I had over 60 apps installed on my Treo 600. When I transitioned to WM, I begged several Palm OS developers to port over to WM. Experienced WM folks warned me that I was wasting my breath and poo-poo'd the Palm developer skills on WM.

    NONE of my favorite apps were ported over. In fact, only a few developers have successfully ported Palm apps over to WM. Most who have ported have had marginal success unless they do more than just try to make a Palm App run on Windows.

    I now have 60+ apps installed but only use Audible, Laridian Bibles, Olivetree Bibles, and Monopoly from my original apps. I have Handyshopper installed but don't use it. Ironically, I started using HandBase which originally was created for Palm devices because there is no other simple but rich-featured DB replacement for JFile. I prefer JFile but the developer refuses to develop for WM devices.

    Keep begging though.
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    Like I said earlier, if you are looking for IMAP/IDLE PUSH, then vgsmail is the way to go. Exactly like chatter, except it does not have the actualy "email program," just pushes the mail to your outlook account.
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    I really miss the usability of the Palm OS PIM apps. Just seems like it wouldn't be that hard to make something really similar, but then again I'm not a programmer. Perhaps there would be legal issues?
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    Bike or Die! (Is that just be childish - im the only one to mention a game!)

    But apart from that i would love to see Chatter come to the WM5 platform, cant see it happening though. But i couldn't see myself ever having a windows mobile device over a Palm OS so there is hope.
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    PSP emulator complete with ROMS
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    Nah... seriously I'd like to see Win-Hand.
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