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    I am trying to setup Modem Link (USB) to work with my 750 and my Notebook.
    It fails during "step 1" of the process.

    While disconnected from the PC (ActiveSync is not running)
    I select Connection: "USB"
    Access point: "wap.cingular"
    and Click Activate and get this error right away:

    "Unsupported or unavailable connection. Verify that your phone supports the selected connection and that the connection is not already in use by ActiveSync or another application."

    Any idea why it fails or what I can do to make it work?

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    While trying to figure out why I was getting the exact same problem I came across your post on the compulsory Google search trouble shooting method.

    I have managed to find out what my problem was and I thought I'd share it seeing as though there is ZERO info out there on this problem as I'm sure you’re well aware.

    I have a Bluetooth GPS device configured on my treo and it was configured on an 'outgoing' Com8 port. When I changed this to a different com port, the USB modem link would activate successfully. My guess is that the modem link uses com8 to communicate. Check to see if you have any devices configured on com8. Best way to check would be to go in to the Bluetooth settings and click on the comports tab. It should tell you what ports are being used in brackets. If 8 is being used try reconfiguring that device to another port or better still try to free up all the ports incase your device is configured to use another port for the modem link. You can reconfigure the devices later on to use other available ports.

    good luck!
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    This was my problem and I never would have stumbled upon this otherwise!


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