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    Does the sprint 700wx work outside the US? For example, puerto rico, cayman islands, bahamas, etc?


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    You can make Analog Roaming calls, which are expensive.
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    But basically included in my plan with that phone, would I be able to have service there and use my phone/texts/e-mails without being charged extra? Or will there be an extra charge, and how much? Also, how do I sign up for analog roaming or find out more information about it?


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    The Treo does not support analog. Check this page and contact Sprint for details would be my recommendation.
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    Before travelling, give Sprint a call and see if they can do something for you. After I returned from Amsterdam I found out that Sprint will lend you a world phone for your trip. I know you didn't ask about Europe but I would still call anyway. Plus you can find out where your phone will work, and vice versa
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    Ok great. Also, will e-mail and text messaging work from these areas that are 'roaming'?

    For example, if I cannot use my voice plan, will e-mail and texting work without any extra charges?
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    Data roaming is also extra. Not sure how much, but I know the treo warns you when trying to make a data connection while roaming.

    Chances are you won't even be able to connect anyway
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    Ok great. I just travel out of the country on vacation 1-2 times per year and want to be able to keep in touch with my company. I moved to T-Mobile with the Dash but now miss my 700wx. And that was one of the reasons I switched...So I can still have service those few times that I do leave, I think I will renew my plan with sprint, and continue on my 700wx.

    Hopefully the text messaging issue will be fixed soon!

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    I used my 700wx in Canada a few days ago. It was digital roaming. calls and sms worked. I couldn't connect to data though for some reason. Sprint said I would be charged 35 cents per minute.
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    There is no sprint service in the Bahamas. I have inquired before and they have nothing.
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    Is there any type of card I can put in the treo to make it usable in say the bahamas?
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    Nope. Only phones w/GSM capabilities have a "card" option, because GSM uses Sim cards, and no GSM=no need for SIM.
  13.    #13 the only way would be to call sprint and see if I can get a "world phone" to borrow, or...not have a phone while on vacation...correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motoracer View Post the only way would be to call sprint and see if I can get a "world phone" to borrow, or...not have a phone while on vacation...correct?
    If you go to Sprint's web site they have a list of places in the world you can get service with your PCS phone (number in paranthesis is # of cities with coverage):

    Anguilla - (1)
    Caicos Island - (2)
    Puerto Rico - (3)
    Turks Island - (2)

    Central and South America
    Brazil - (1)

    North America
    Canada - (34)

    ---from site---
    our Sprint PCS phone can make and receive calls through the world - including Canada, Mexico, China, India, countries in Asia Pacific, Central and South America, and several islands in the Caribbean.

    If you are traveling to Japan*, Australia, or countries in Europe, Asia, Africa that use GSM technology Sprint offers convenient options to purchase or rent a special phone that works in those areas. For added ease, your travel phone can be shipped via express delivery and comes complete with accessories and an international outlet adapter.

    To activate Sprint Worldwide capability for your Sprint PCS phone or to get the phone and service required for travel to GSM countries and Japan, you will need to contact the Sprint PCS International Support Team at 1-888-226-7212. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

    Stay Connected via Email and Internet
    Rent a BlackBerry device and access your email and data services when traveling internationally. A FREE GSM phone with Sprint Worldwide service for your voice calls is included. Click to learn more.
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    Sprint has the i830w which also has a sim card. I believe you can use it on any gsm network with Sprint's sim card, but I bet it's expensive...

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    I am traveling to cancun mexico with my treo 700p and LG fusic and sprint stated that it would work.....?

    they just sent a PRL update to the phones...

    99 cents a minute.. data is also extra
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    Itakiangspot...did this work out for you? I will be traveling to cancun as well and I need to figure out my cell options so i can stay connected.
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    Sprint has worked in Venezuela for me. I didn't even have to call them to activate it or anything like I once had to do with Nextel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1 View Post
    Itakiangspot...did this work out for you? I will be traveling to cancun as well and I need to figure out my cell options so i can stay connected.
    yes, my sprint LG fusic and treo 700p worked in cancun mexico, the price is 99 cents a minute, call sprint to send u a prl update for international calling...any of the roaming plans they offer for 5 dollars a month are only if u roam in your home network, not when u are out of your home network in like cancun,mexico. I actually decided to pick up a telemex phone card in cancun, LADAtel.... i bought one for about $10, 100 pesos... and there are the telemex pay phones all along the hotel strip and in the shopping malls and they only charge 45 cents a minute.... i bought the card from the pharamacy stores down there
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    I am getting ready to go to cancun in 3 week and I need for people to be able to reach me 24-7. Is the cheapest way just getting the PRL update and spending the 99 cents/minute? Is there a cheaper alternative? I will asume on the safe side that i will probably need 150 minutes of talk time.

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