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    I hope its only 99cents, Sprint charges 2.14 a minute if you use one of their GSM world phones in the Bahamas.
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    The cheapest way, buy a local phone with refillable minutes. Then change your VM on your US phone to contact you at your temporary number. Or you can forward your calls from your US mobile to your temporary phone in Cancun.

    Otherwise, I believe Sprint may have a roaming aggreement with a mobile provider in Cancun. You need to contact Sprint to verify this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1 View Post
    I am getting ready to go to cancun in 3 week and I need for people to be able to reach me 24-7. Is the cheapest way just getting the PRL update and spending the 99 cents/minute? Is there a cheaper alternative? I will asume on the safe side that i will probably need 150 minutes of talk time.


    when u go to cancun on the hotel strip there is a pharmacy store, in there or any covienent store u can get a phone card, telemax latadel phone cards, there are latadel payphones all along the strip, those phone cards work on them and it is like 49 cents a minute, u can buy a $10 phone card for 100 pesos, the rate could be slighty different, usually 10 to 12 pesos to an american dollar

    and another tip take the bus up and down strip, 60 cents

    there are allot more mexicans then usual on the bus being that many of the hotels are undergoing renervations do to past storms but they dont bother u, only whislte if u are with a girl.....
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    The phone card is a good deal but i need people to contact me at a moments notice so I am looking for a cell phone solution for my cancun trip. I really dont want to pay 99 cents a minute...
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    There is coverage in many countries of the world who have CDMA networks. I used my Sprint Treo in New Zealand for example.

    Check which countries here:
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    Except Sprint in other countries will incur roaming charges ($ 0.99 minute). Forwarding the calls from your phone will also cost you, because you will have to pay the expense of the forwarded call. I guess buying a temporary phone, with refillable minutes in Cancun and have the your contacts call you on that temporary number, would only be the best option. This way, the caller would incur the long distance charges and not you.
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    That's freaking expensive
    I'm not taking my Treo to Europe

    Voice Pricing: 2.29
    Data Pricing: $0.016 per KB
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    My Sprint 700wx worked in Hong Kong and Shenzhen China. I was able to receive calls, but NOT dial out. i don't even wanna know how much it was per $$$... but it was important so...
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