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    minimo is pretty bad on the Treo. I UPX'd it and it still ran slow and bogged down my 700wx. It has potential, but I like PIE in fullscreen and stable
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    Holy Crap! I have been having extremly slow EV DO speeds. So I have been messing with the phone, adjusted the DNS, adjusted the registry settings per another topic here. Speed did increase to about 300kbit from 100kbit I have been getting, but then I installed PIE Plus. Holy moly, it now is fast. I am getting 737kbit in 11.366 d/l .38 latency. It is fast now. Now sure what the heck PIE did. I even cleared out the temp files and cache to make sure it wasn't that, still gets that high speed.
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    I'm not entirely sure that the two are related (PIEPlus and an increase in speed). If anything, it would slow it down a bit. It still uses PIE as the browser, it just adds in additional functionality.
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