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    Inspired a bit by half-web half local apps like directory assistant and google maps, Ive made a little stand-alone web container for Bloglines. This way you get all the advantages of a local app without any of the slow downs.

    Its a first app, and needs .Net CF 2.0, but the primary functions (separate browser window which can be used independent of Pocket IE, configurable refresh rate (0,2,5,10 minutes)) works quite well, and the rest work sometimes.

    So if you have .net CF 2.0 installed, and have a bloglines account (bloglines can import OPLM files) give this a try. Its free and without warranty (ie. make a back-up, no recompense for destroying all your data and the world etc), and about version 0.01, but it may be useful to some people.

    Edit : it will only auto-refresh if you leave it on the my feeds page.

    WBlines cab file

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