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    I have a 700WX and I just got TomTom 6 and I have a Leadtek BT GPS reciever. The receiver was the one I used on TomTom 5 and I used that on a PPC6700.

    I can not get the GPS reciever to connect to save my life. I can see it in my bluetooth devices, but TomTom will not connect, or I do not know how to do it.

    I wonder if the GPS setting on the phone have anything to do with it? Can any one shine some light on what I can do to connect the GPS. My old phones did not have the GPS feature in the setting of WM5 and I think that could be the issue.....

    So any help would be great....or I am going to LOST while on the road.
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    never got it to work...its was the WM5 gps settings....ARGH!
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    Can you help me out, i am having the same problem. How did you set your 700wx to connect? I really need help with this.
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    Bump any news on that. I really need help with this badly.
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    it takes mine like 15 minutes to connect....instead of how it was on the 700p...instantly
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    I had a similar problem with mine. I use the GPS receiver that came with the Navigator 6 package. You have to set up COM ports for the WX and the GPS to talk to one another.

    On another note:
    I have not been able to get Navigator 6 to start for me, has anyone had any luck? I was told by TomTom that Navigator 6 is not compatible with the WX. It is compatible with the 700w, so I don't understand that one.
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    Here is the thing i have TomTom 300 Go with a software version 6. The two devices see each other when i do a BT search. But for some reason they can not connect to each other. This is really annoying me couse i want to have traffic on my tomtom and it needs phone internet for this.
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    i'm having the same problem....

    Can someone help me? i windows live has no problem connecting with my BT GPS receiver but i cant get tomtom 6 to find it for the life of me. i really am stumped. i set the com port and all and it just doesnt wanna find it

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