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    I've never owned a pocketPC nor smart phone with qwerty. The 700WX is my first ever....period.

    After having this phone for 1 month today, I must say, I love this phone. I'm not joking either. I really do love this freakin' phone. It has simplfied my life more than I ever thought a phone could do. It has kept not only my daily activities in order through Today Agenda (calendar, tasks, notes, etc), but it keeps all my personal data at hand any time i need it (eWallet). I could literally sit here and tell you a hundred or so more examples of why I love this phone, but like I said, in the title, this is a "short and quick" post.

    I'm just F#$#^$G amazed at how much this phone is a joy to own, play with, use, organize and customize. It's litterally like a little pet (granted, a small one, but get the picure) grows on you and you never tire of it.

    As a second part to this post, I have to thank ALL of you here, in this forum! I am freaaaaakin' AMAZED at how positive and how colletive you all are in helping not only ME, but OTHERS with their phone! I swear, I think outside society could take a lesson off how you all treat people in here. If people out in the "real world" were as helpful and nice as everyone in here.....d@mn, we wouldn't have half as many issues in this world as we do today.

    So, with that said......THANK YOU all for your help and being there.......and THANK YOU for introducing me to the d@mn freakin' greatest phone out there!
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    right on, and your welcome.

    I think the wx is my favorite as well, and I have had many pda's. I can't wait for the update. when everything works the way it should we'll really be happy.

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