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    I think there is something wrong with the charge port on the bottom of my treo 700w. It has also stopped syncing at least 90 percent of the time so I cannot install anything. It doesn't look like verizon or palm are going to replace the phone (explained in a separate thread) so I'm looking at other options.

    I'm thinking of eating the early termination fee and going with a Treo 700wx from Sprint. I haven't been able to determine if the extra RAM helps with stability of the device though. Can anyone comment on that? Would I be able to use sprite to move everything from the verizon treo to the sprint treo?
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    I can't speak from experience, but I would suspect that there are some Verizon settings that might get moved over in a sprite backup/restore. I would suggest just syncing over the contacts, calendar, tasks, etc with active sync and reinstalling the rest manually.
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    I would also suggest a fresh build and delete the profile from ActiveSync. If that doesn't work call WDTS and get a replacement, just tell them something else is wrong like the SD slot won't read a card and get your replacement. Then you can sell the 700w once Veizon gets the Treo 700wx in December.

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