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    Let me start by saying I've researched this and will continue to research if nobody has a solution for this problem but I've only got a few days left to send this phone back so am getting impatient. I received a replacement 700w for my malfunctioning original 700w on thursday. This morning the screen dimmed until black and is now unresponsive to ANYTHING I've tried..battery out, soft reset, hard reset, and the "factory" reset via acrobatics. VZW is already sending a replacement again but I'm very weary of sending this one back with all my emails, passwords, contacts, personal information etc. Does anyone know how I can clear this phone or is it safe to assume that it already lost everything?
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    The only way to truly wipe it out (zero reset) is by using the MSL code method. However, this requires the phone to be functioning to initiate. A hard reset will delete the data from the average user, but it could be recovered by someone with the proper tools. However, what are the chances that someone will do that with your old phone?
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    what I would do is... hit the red end key, hit the center key to unlock, hit option button then "p" key, then using dpad right to brighten up the backlight. these are the steps for doing it if you can't see the screen. give it a try. the phone may be working fine it's just the display.

    or try a hard reset. hold the red end key while reseting it in the little hole with sylus. then push the up key on the dpad.

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