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    Is anyone using this phone on T-Mobile? Any problems with service, data plans, etc? I have t-mobile and I am happy with them, so I would like to buy a 750v and use their network.

    Any updates on who has them for sale currently? From a reliable place, who has the best price in stock?


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    I have the Treo 750v unlocked and working on the T-Mobile UK network.

    Everything works ok, data is fine, MMS works, SMS works.

    Your existing data plan and voice plan will work fine with it.

    I got mine from ebay, but you might what to take a look at this thread which shows quite a few places selling them.
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    My Treo 750 came unlocked from Vodafone. Now on T-Mobile web n walk here in NL.

    No preblems whatsoever here. Should work perfectly.
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    Using a 750 on tmo in Atlanta.
    purchased from phonesource-usa.
    Working great with Blackberry connect (replaced my BB8700)
    Took a while to properly configure it, but so far loving the reception, etc.
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    When will the prices of these phones come down? I cannot justify paying $700+ for a phone. I don't think I want to get the 680 with PalmOS since I loved my 700wx(got ride of it because of text messaging issues).

    Any ideas which phone or what I should do?



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