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    I recently purchased a 700w with verizon service. However, I realized that my rings would only play for 5 seconds before someone goes to voicemail.

    It looks like my Verizon 700w takes 7-8 seconds before it recognizes that someone is calling. My co-worker brian has the exact same problem(also has a verizon 700w).

    Why is this? Is there a fix?

    We both use 70W-1.10VZX

    Also the site is great. Thanks to whoever posted the toggle speakerphone program. My Speakerphone option is greyed out. no idea why, but the toggle speakerphone fixed it right up
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    the slot cycle index is set to 2 which delays how often the phone checks with the tower for incoming calls. Thats why your calls are delayed. If we could get to some internal configuration settings we could change the value to 0. I did this on my old PPC6700 and it worked just doesn't seem there is as big of a hacking community for the 700wx or we can't access those menus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timGSU View Post just doesn't seem there is as big of a hacking community for the 700wx or we can't access those menus.
    I agree w/ everything except this statement! This is by far the most active and productive WM5 hacking community.

    However, we do need those codes which has nothing to do with ability to hack and everything to do with getting someone on the inside who knows them to share them.

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    Can't you call up verizon and ask them for an extended ring option. When I was with Nextel I had the same problem, my phone would maybe ring for 5 seconds before going to voicemail. I called support and they added extended ring time and then the phone would ring for 20-30 seconds before going to voicemail.
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    I do not think that feature is available with CDMA networks, if I am not mistaken.
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    I also noticed that it takes 4-5 seconds before WX rings.. I tested using my home, work, and another pcs phones... All same results of delay..
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    cdma does not do the extended ring thing. the only way to get around this is by changing the slot cycle index like we did on the 6700. we need an insider to give us the programing codes. i've talked with advance tech support about this and thay say there is no way to do this and that there are no codes.

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