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    Well I guess I've learned a hard lesson. I purchased my brand new Treo 700W from to save a few bucks and now that the phone needs replacing nobody will honor the warranty. I've wasted the majority of the last two days making calls and got nowhere.

    The Treo came with a 1 year warranty in the box from Palm so I'm not happy with them at all. They do not stand behind their product. They want Verizon to replace the phone but I did not buy it from Verizon. referred me to the manufacter warranty which palm refuses to honor.

    Well, I suppose a Moto Q may be in my future.
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    Does Verizon not have something like Sprint's Total Equipment Protection? If is an authorized Palm dealer, then Palm is supposed to honor the warranty.
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    I think you have to buy it from them to offer the protection.
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    I asked about this when I ws buying one of my phones because I could buy it cheaper somewhere else but Verizon said they would not insure it unless it was purchased from Verizon.
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    Not trying to turn this into a Sprint vs. Verizon thread, but Sprint insured both my Treos purchased from Palm.

    Anyway, Jeremy you should keep calling Palm until you get someone willing to help you.
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    I agree, Palm should cover this without Question.
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    I'd like to smash it with a hammer and send it to them in a ziplock back at this point :-)

    Not really but it's a fun thought. I do want to get it fixed though. I'll keep trying I suppose. I've gone as far as to have the Verizon rep call palm while I was on the line to explain they will not replace it.
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    whats wrong with it?
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    Bring it to the VZ store, I bet they will swap it out...
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    The main problem has been that my chargers stop working after a while. I think there is something wrong with the charge port on the bottom of the treo. I can wiggle the phone in the cradle or wiggle the plug and it will evently charge if sitting just right. It seems to be getting worse though.

    The second problem which I'm about to post is that I can sync after a hard reset until I restore my backup files. It will sync once in a blue moon afterwards.

    I'm thinking of eating the early termination fee and going with a Treo 700wx from Sprint. I haven't been able to determine if the extra RAM helps with stability of the device though. Can anyone comment on that?
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    The sync problem is probably caused by something you have in your backup files. I'd reinstall everything one by one until the problem comes back up.

    Regarding the charging issue. I agree that the Treos have very crummy hotsync / charger connections. The Treos have some of the fastest wearing out connectors I've seen in a cell phone / pda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captaindan View Post
    I agree, Palm should cover this without Question.
    a manufacturer warranty is exactly that, a manufaturer WARRANTY. you might want to call palm's tech support/warranty department and ask about warranty procedure. find out how you're supposed to arrange for your fone to get servicing that's covered under the warranty. good luck and please keep us posted.
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    All Palm will say is that they have an agreement with Verizon who will cover any in warranty phones. Of course since I didn't purchase the phone from Verizon they will not cover the warranty.

    I've gone around and around about 5 times now. Had a verizon rep conference in with a call to palm to prove they wouldn't honor the warranty. Palm's stand is that they have this agreement with verizon. The manufacturer's warranty that came with the phone is from Palm and I told them they should stand behind their product and warranty and if Verizon isn't living up to their agreement then they should handle that themselves and leave me out of it.

    I'm really getting upset after 3 days on the phone dealing with this and not getting anywhere.
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    Verizon does cover it. You need warranty exchange, not insurance. This is how carriers cover phones.
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    They should cover it under warranty since its their ESN series, sold by them and they can verify when it was sold. Verizon covered a Treo 650 under warranty exchange for someone I know and they bought it on eBay.
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    Well after 5 days of repeated calls to Palm and Verizon including conference calls with both I finally received a call today from someone at Palm here in the United States. They are sending me a new phone and promised they would be discussing the issues I faced in their upcoming business meeting. The rep was very understanding and admitted that there is a loophole in their service agreement with Verizon.
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    Good to hear. Hopefully its not lip service and Palm will take Verizon to task on this.

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