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    I find this on Howard Forums

    I have some insider info on the launch of the past couple of days-

    The network has been live for a couple of months, but was only opened to general users on tuesday night. Prior to that it was for engineering tests only.

    The area covered is the golden horseshoe area. Oshawa to Niagara. There are also sites live in greater Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary- but I'm not sure if these have been opened up for general use yet. All other areas are still several months away. Mid next year. All the areas currently launched work on the 1900MHz band. 850 will come next year.

    It is currently only a data network. No voice or video calls enabled yet for the general public. That is still a month or two away.

    Data speeds you can expect with either the TyTN or the Sierra wireless card are 1 to 1.3Mbit/sec downlink and up to 350kbit/sec uplink.

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    Just as an FYI, UMTS/HSDPA doesn't work that way (frequency). It uses two channels simultaneously, one for upload, one for download. Cingular in the U.S. uses 1900/850 frequencies. The rest of the world that I know of uses 2100/1900 frequencies. I don't know what Rogers is using but it must be one of those two. If you don't believe look in the phone settings/services/bands section of the 750v, you will see the frequencies grouped like this.
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