View Poll Results: Waht are you doing about the Sprint 700wx SMS outage?

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  • Nothing. It hasn't really affected me/I don't care

    4 17.39%
  • I called Sprint/Palm and complained

    16 69.57%
  • I filed a complaint with the FCC/BBB

    2 8.70%
  • I have obtained a replacement device from Sprint until this issue is fixed

    1 4.35%
  • I'm done! I cancelled my service w/Sprint

    0 0%
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    So, how have you handled the ongoing issue (now 30+ days!) with the 700wx and it's inability to send text msgs. to other carriers, Google, etc?
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    I contacted Sprint numerous times and I filed a complaint to the FCC and BBB as well.
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    i have talked with sprint retentions many of times. i bought my wx on sept 1 and can swap it for any other sprint device. my problem is thay cant/will not let me swap back when and if the wx get sms messageing fixed. i feel that this poll option is miss leading due to the fact that no one has been able to temporarily get a different device and then get the wx back later. thay will get you in to a different phone to keep your service but cant keep switching.

    i think you (fgkay) should change the poll option from "I have obtained a replacement device from Sprint until this issue is fixed" to some thing like " i had sprint swap my wx for a different device".

    unless anyone can confirm that it is possible to temporarily.

    thanks, cody
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    I cant keep up with the main thread on this issue. Where do things stand? I know that sms works as usual with sprint and cingular. Can we make a list of confirmed works/ not works?
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    Filed FCC Complaint and have complained to Sprint many times, received much credit. Remain pissed off.
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    Called Sprint twice a week---nothing. Called Palm----nothing. Filed with FCC----nothing. Filed today with BBB----nothing yet.

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