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    Hi all. I use my Treo for both business and personal use, and would like to limit calls from by business contacts in "off hours" I can set.

    For example, anyone in my "Personal" category could get through whenever, and other's in my "Business" category would be diverted to voicemail automatically, or the phone silenced etc say if I selected such to occur after 6pm or something.

    The closest program I have tried is PhotoContacts, which has this functionality, and it works well. The problem with it is that its just too overdone for my needs - I do not need it's claim to fame: dialing with photos or seeing full screen pics on incoming calls, etc.

    I have looked at and used PhoneAlarm, but this is not related, as there seems to be no way to segregate contacts, only phone behavior as a whole based on time or appointments.

    Any help/suggestions?
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    Pocketmax (developer of phonealarm) is developing a program called PhoneFilter.

    It's still in development (very early stages, no working alphas) but doing it by category will most likely be included. The question as to what features it will and won't have is still open.

    so your best bet, if possible, is to hold on for another 2-3 months before a full working version is out.

    the great news about this is the Bruce/pocketmax listens to customers, so you could literally have role in shaping this program for your needs by participating on his message board.

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    SMS Call Blocker is another one but not sure if it has settings to block it at a certain time. You probably have to manually turn it on when you want to block.
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    I read the specs on SMS Call Blocker, but it looks like you have to add each number - I have perhaps 200 numbers in my business category I would need to add. I MIGHT be willing to add them, but will it handle that many? I am really looking for something that will divert calls based on category, not each #...
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    Were do I find this SMS Call Blocker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ 2nd Nature View Post
    Were do I find this SMS Call Blocker?

    the very first entry in Google if you search for it BTW
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    Odd, that was the first thing I did was a google search but couldn't find it. Thanks man!!!
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    ohh opps, I got the 700p
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    I just purchased this and got it unlocked. A few comments:

    The Good:
    -Does EXACTLY what I want it to do (block my business callers on the phone and send them to VM).
    -Offers a popup if a call was blocked.

    -There is no way to easily access the menu/turn the app on or off unless you want to give up screen real estate. I'll use it daily to turn off calls from business contacts after hours. You can have a program icon on the bottom of the screen, which takes up an entire row of space on the bottom, expensive real estate on a Treo. I would LIKE to be able to add it to the Start menu such that I could get to it with just a one handed button press, but there is no shortcut available to it as it lists itself under Settings, not Programs. I cannot find where the "program" resides using Resco Explorer, such that I can use that program to create a shortcut for it to the Start Menu.
    -Not able to turn the program on or off at a set time.
    -Program name is misleading. Call SMS blocker might be more descriptive if labeled "Call AND SMS Blocker" etc. I was thinking it might only block SMSs. Web site shows horrible screen shots and few descriptions of what it does. No trial even! Poor sell there. Only my desperation made me drop the money to see if it worked.

    -Simple to set up; easier than I thought. From hamsup post I thought I would have to add each number manually, but you can select a category at least, and all numbers in my business category for example are brought up, and you have to check off each one. One that is complete, you have a list that you can turn of and on. Multiple lists (business, "annoying people", etc.) are allowed.
    -I have no use to use the SMS feature (maybe I will if I am blocking personal calls or something and send a note to friends), or to block unknown numbers (nice), but nice to have.

    All in all a great app. I have been looking for a feature like this for a while, to stem the tide of sales calls I get from my customers after hours. I use my Treo for work and personal use, so this is great. Adding a timed on/off command would be nice, or the ability to "Select All" once in a category to select numbers would speed use, but all in all, worth every sent, and does exactly as advertised on my device.
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