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    I have a client that owns a Cingular authorized dealership who tells me that the Treo 750 for Cingular is $550.00 with a 1 year contract and $499.00 with a 2 year contract. I am also told with the purchase of a monthly data plan you get a $50.00 rebate and that these until are available.

    Doe this sound right to anyone out there... From what I have read in these boards and online suggest the 750 is not available yet.
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    I have not seen or heard a single Cingular announcement about the 750 coming out. Rumors have it coming out in Nov/Dec. time frame, but that's just speculation.
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    Talked to a guy at the local cingular store, Little Rock, AR. He confirmed the $499 2yr price and said it has a $100 mail in rebate. Also that he would have both plent of the 680 and the 750 by the 10th. He showed me the new price sheet that he said he just got. I dont know how reliable the dates are though. Just sharing what he told me.
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    I had also seen prices on the v3i before it was delayed many times, and on the hp phone that still is not out. planned and reality don't always match with Cingular.
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    see below from goodlink

    Thank you for contacting Good Technology.
    I understand that you have purchased a new Treo 750 and would like to when and if this device will be supported. Currently I have very little information but I will pass on what I have.

    The plans are to support the Treo 750 in our next release within the U.S. with Cingular as the carrier.

    Currently we do not have a release date. Please remember with any product in development plans can change.

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