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    Thanks to the members in this forum, I was able to get the treo 700wx with the $30 SERO plan by calling *2 after I had purchase the phone in store. I think i'll stick with Sprint for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

    Anyhow, the purpose of this post to find out how I can clean out my 700wx. I see a lot of 'junk' in the programs folder (e.g On Demand, Quick Tour, My Good etc). How do I remove them to free up some space.

    Now, what good applications should one install to make my today's screen look pretty?

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    Read read read...and SEARCH, it really is easy!
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    sorry, that link don't talk abt deleating on demand, good link..etc..
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    Do I just remove the files in Windows, Start Menu?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rca420 View Post
    Do I just remove the files in Windows, Start Menu?
    that will only remove the file link.. I am also looking for ways remove the files completely..
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    Those apps are on the phone's ROM, unforunately unless/until someone creates or finds a way to create a custom ROM those apps cannot be deleted.

    At least that's how I think it works... anyone, please feel free to correct me.

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