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    i dunno if there is anything for this. i looked and didnt come up with anything. how come i can talk or surf but not both at the same time?

    the phones have 3 way calling right, so why cant i do both? can you talk and surf at the same time if you have wifi, bluetooth, or usb connection do the web? but still, why cant i do both at the same time?
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    The data connection never supported this. EV-DO rev A will support this. On GSM networks, UMTS supports this also, but not edge. Its a phone, modem AND tower issue, not just the phone. It was considered a big deal when EV came out because it actually suspended and let calls pass through, instead of going straight to voicemail like 1x. With Verizon, calls now pass through EVEN IF you are in a 1x area. So no, not possible yet. But soon, but not with a w OR wx
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    As above, except you can talk via CDMA and surf via wifi at the same time, even on the wx. So yes, if you get a wifi card and have internet access via this, you CAN talk and surf at the same time. Todays UMTS or next years CDMA phones will let you do this via the phone network also.

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    Owning both the 700 and 750, my 700wx (young CDMA) can't use voice and data at the same time.

    Like what Littlepat said, my 750v in EDGE mode can't use voice and data. But lucky me, my 750 is always in a UMTS coverage area so I actually use data and voice at the same time and it's pretty slick! I'll be on speaker phone with someone while doing searches on PIE via a bluetooth headset...nice!
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    what about using wifi and and talk simultaneously?
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    Isn't that the same question?


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