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    this is real..just paying that extra money to have the function enabled aint worth it at all...especially that the fact that it does exist and that carriers will want the feature unlocked

    the last time i saw something like this was with the Bell Mobility 7250...when it first came out it was launched with 1x RTT as its data compression tech (or whatever you want to call it)...but my friend who works with Bell said that EVDO is on the will be "turned on" on a future date once their EVDO network goes live...and sure enough...their EVDO network went live...and out came a firmware/software upgrade for the 7250 and boom...EVDO was there
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    Yeah its definately in there, as it was said that it is just not enabled. To be honest this "hack" sounds like BS. Has anyone else tried it? Screenshots are really easy to fake.
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    What I find interesting and maybe some of you Cingular guys can enlighten me, as I am in Canada. I just did a test on DSL reports and got a measly 127KBS (EDGE)

    There is an option to see the fastest results for tests done Today. In there I see some interesting results:

    1437 kbs (Tablet PC)

    1277 kbs
    Samsung SGH-1607

    1276 Dnager Hiptop
    1215 SV1

    1209 (?????)1044 HTC-8500

    And then a whole bunch of Cingulars in the 800-100 range

    So, these people are getting crazy speeds while I get a measly 127kbs and get screwed on rates by Rogers in Canada.
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