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    This might be fun - (or it may not fly )...

    I know what a lot of other's Today screens look like, but what do they sound like?

    Here's mine (simple, works well in a business environment... I know, boooooring):

    SMS alarm (via phoneAlarm)
    Email alarm (via phoneAlarm)
    Voice mail alarm (via phoneAlarm)
    Ring Tone (built in, all callers) (increasing ring)

    Here's a ringer for the ex:

    Give it a try and post! If you like the clips, just right-click and "Save target as". Copy them to your \Windows\Rings directory...
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    Not sure how you added the sound links, but I will just say what they are, OK? LOL

    Ringer changes very often, since its free. Currently Akon- Shake That (20 second clips of all mp3's)

    Voicemail- STAIND-OUTSIDE (live version final bridge when he scream-sings)

    SMS- The default AOL IM sound, because to me thats what they are ayway

    Email- just a beep, because I get about 40/day (not to sound important, they're not work-related, they are local emergency notifications)

    Thats really it....
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    Love the for the ex.

    I haven't had time to mess with my ringers & sounds yet. They are all the sandard ones.
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    Sound....sorry I couldnt resist..
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    That ex wife wav was hilarious. It was awfully embarrassing to explain to coworkers why I was laughing so hard.

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