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    Treocentral's store has tested the new TomTom 6 bundle (
    Part# A1550 Mnf# 1T50080) released two days ago and found that it is compatible with the 750. Louis, one of their sales people, took the initiative and asked their warehouse to check it out. Like the rest of us, they also found the Palm version of TomTom 6 to incompatible.

    I should have one early next week and will report back
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    I've given up trying install TomTom6 until there is an update on the TomTom site.
    Even tried my Mac and Windows.
    Couldn't get it to work any which way.

    However, I did get TomTom 5.2.1 installed which I downloaded from the TomTom site. I got as far the maps. I couldn't get it to recognize or find the maps that I installed off the TomTom6 DVD. I don't know where the maps need to be in the file system to get TomTom 5.2.1 to find them.

    (Thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread.
    Its been very informative).
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    You can't install TomTom 6 maps for use with TomTom 5 as far as I know. I tried and failed. You can install TomTom 5 maps ok though.
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    Treocentral's sale page says.

    Note: Visit TomTom's support section to download the latest patches for your Treo 750, 700p, 700wx, 700w, 680, or 650 before installing.

    How ever i have searched the tom tom site high and low and it doesnt say anything about a patch or update for the 750v.
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    Please can anyone tell me where I can still buy version 5 maps for the US?
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    I've used TomTom 5, Mapolois (sp) and Co-Pilot by ALK. By far Co-Pilot is the easiest to use, comes with a mini-sd with all maps (no changing map selections) and has the easiest support to work with.

    Just my two cents.
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    Would somebody be kind enough to post EXACT instrcutions for installing tt6 on a 750v. I've tried everything I can think of without any success. Thanks.
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    First you have to have the correct TT6. The TT6 marketed under the "Palm" name is not compatible with the Treo 750v. The TT6 marketed under the TT name is. This has been my personal experience and has also been verified by the Treocentral warehouse.

    The product id for the TT versions that are compatible is either #1T90.080 or #1T50.080. The software in these two products is identical according to TT. The difference in the two products relates GPS that is included in #1T50.080.

    That being said the installation is fairly straight forward. Once installed on your PC, TT6 identifies which Treo(s) you have and then you confirm what is identified. You choose the geographic area that you want to put on the card and which voices and other features. The software is then installed to the card which when inserted in the Treo will cause the installation on the Treo 750 to start.

    It has taken me several weeks to put this info together. Why Palm or TT has not published this info is beyond my comprehension. Despite my frustration I will not characterize their behavior further. The Treo Central Store and warehouse, however, deserve our thanks for actually testing both versions of the software on a 750v.
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    That awesome Ostinato!

    Its just too bad that some of us who purchased TT6 under the palm brand may have to get a new version of TT.

    Where do you find the product ID?
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    It is on the box and sometimes can found on the web listing depending on the store you are dealing with. Treocentral has it, I believe. If the store is a small operation a store may be willing to look on the product itself. Semons was willing to do this for me - They have the second version I mentioned.

    A friend of mine purchase the Palm version of TT5 this past summer and wants to upgrade. TT keeps delaying the release date for an update. Same type of thing - not very customer friendly it would appear.

    I you are running Win Mobile 5, you might look at Alk CoPilot. I am trying it now. The criticism I have read appears corrected or over stated. It has more POIs that are identified by name such as "Boston Market". The maps are more up to date too and it will automatically look for link with a third party GPS if you using one. The interface is more complex (because of the options availble) than TT6 and that may be the barrier some folks have faced. To me though, it is just getting over the learning curve.
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    I agree with your sentiments about TTN support.
    Its pretty discouraging if not disconcerting.

    I'm reconsidering whether to purchase another TTN product ... ever.
    Not very good support at all.
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    You need the following...Mfg Part # (1T50080) TTN6 with Bluetooth web sites has the cheapest price for $202.10.

    Worked perfect for me after I was pulling out my hair trying to get the Palm-branded version to work. I guess if you already have a GPS receiver you could get the maps only, but I have not personally tested this.

    This should put a close to this whole discussion.
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    SOmeone else was able to fix it for the Navigator 6 and Treo 680, maybe following those instructions should make it work for the 750
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    so the Tom Tom 6 bundle package that treocentral store has (currently out of stock) will work on this device?
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    Go to and type in "TomTom Navigator 6" and it will pull up the vendors offering this product. used to have a great deal for $200 (Maps + GPS receiver)...must have sold out.
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