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    I am a chronic tinkerer. I get so excited about finding a new piece of software for my Treo and playing with it, even if only for a few nights. At the same time, I am enamored with Spb Backup and am constantly looking to make the perfect image of my device. This becomes a vexing problem, as I am always redefining what "necessary" is...

    My brother-in-law said something to me that applied globally to my addiction to technology, but could most specifically be applied to my phone. He is a geek too, but he is more content to get something working and stick with it.

    He said: "I almost feel bad for you, because you get it working really well, better than you thought it was going to, and then you $%#@ with it and in the course of making it better, make it worse, at least temporarily."

    Mind that he said it with the utmost deference, as I keep our business up and running.

    But it made me think: is there anything wrong with always changing the way we use our technology? I mean, there is something to be said for getting a working method and using it, without modification, to its best ends, but in many cases, especially involving my phone, I am so infatuated with the awesomeness of the ever-evolving technology involved, I can't put it down. Honestly, half the apps I have on my Treo I don't use all the time, but the knowledge that I have anything I need, when I need it, and finding something I didn't know I needed is often the absolute highlight of my day.

    I don't know what that says about me as a person, but I think many of us can derive the same pleasure from that discovery... My phone is my link to success, fun, productivity, and much more. I feel like it should be growing and changing, as my needs change...

    So, I ask of you, fellow forum lovers,

    What do you think? Am I crazy? Or is there something ultimately wonderful and satisfying about the neverending game we play with changing and upgrading our mobile technology?
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    I think most of the TC members can associate with what you are saying.
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    I tinker all the time with my devices, though the 700w a little bit less because I use it generally for work. Ben
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    You need help, man. We all do. But if you start re-defining "the," or rewashing clean hands, it's time for the heavy meds. That's called OCD.
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    This is why we all felt the need to constantly check Internet forums for our phones...

    BTW- I never use backup programs. Waste of time for me. Im always changing something
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    never stops...ever

    BTW real men don't back up...well I thought so till I started messing around with the 700wx. Now I do.

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