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    A couple of us at work are having trouble answering calls on our treos. Occasionally when a call comes in the voice command will announce the call but the phone will not ring. The top of the today screen that normally says Verizon Wireless says incomming call. There is no notification that shows up and the answer button does not pick up the call. This problem has occurred on 3 of the 5 treos we received last week. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    It seems like another user mentioned the same problem in this thread
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    700w or wx? I know voice command uses a lot of RAM, especially when you have all of the options enabled. This could be your issue. Try keeping VC enabled, but unchecking all options except "PHONE," and go into phone options and unselect "announce incoming calls." Waste of RAM in my opinion...
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    Its got to be a w because its Verizon.
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    We're using the 700w. I've seen this happen with VC set to announce incoming calls and when its disabled. It seems to act like a bt headset is attached but i've made sure to turn bt off to eliminate that as part of the problem. The problem is very irritating since you have to wait till the call goes to voicemail before you can really do anything.

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