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    I like knowing everything that's going on with my phone, but I don't necessarily need to see it every time I turn the screen on... is there some app that allows me the kinds of information such as PhoneAlarm or Phone Dashboard that I can just pin to the Start menu or something for easy access, as opposed to a Today plugin?

    I bought and have used Phone Dashboard for a while, but it's flaky at best, and I didn't think I needed PhoneAlarm, even though everyone around here seems to swear by it...
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    Not sure what you mean by "phone app" - do you mean a dialler application, or just an app that tells you about memory, sotrage cards, free ram etc?

    If its the latter, just search for a tiny shortcut app called "MEMX", which just opens the WM5 memory settings window, allowing you to quit stuff. I have mine mapped to a button so I can access it fast if stuff starts to flake out.
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    Sorry - I meant a program that tracks used minutes, data, call logs, etc. I like to know how many minutes I've used so I don't go over my limits, etc... but I don't need to always see it on my screen.

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