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    Another detailed review of the 750!.

    If anyone has the GPRS and MMS settings for Airtel in India kindly post the link.
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    Sorry I forgot to post the link. The review is here:
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    It is a very cool review. I am disappointed that he is using the business theme. This looks a little under the weather if you ask me.
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    It's nice to see all of those screen shots. You hear about all of this stuff, but no one does screen shots. He did.
    Oh good lord, when is it going to be available on Cingular!? I don't want to buy an import/unlocked because I'm due for an upgrade discount. But if Palm started selling PalmOne Unlocked ones first I might lose my patience and get it.
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    Very cool review. Thanks for the link!
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    Wow those are great quality picture in low lighting. Wonder if that is a different camera module that the 700s.

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