Although I am new to the site, I am fairly well versed in treo usage. I recently got a new Treo 700w on E-Bay to replace a 700w I bought from verizon. THe phone is working fine, and synching to my computer is no problem BUT:

On my first Treo 700w when I synched for the first time (computer sync), it took my settings and what not to access my e mail directly from my computer (office outlook 2003) and I never had to enter any of the server domain or info, etc. (after getting this info, it would wireless sync and get the e mails under the outlook box on my treo) Now with the New Treo, it wont automatically do this. The only way which I could get my e mails form the server was to set up an independent POP 3 send/recieve account on my treo. THe old treo would just push and get the e mails form this account and put them into the "outlook" inbox of my Treo. Now, this inbox remains empty and I have to use POP 3 to get the e mails form that same account.

I dont know if its something im doing wrong or what. Please help if possible, im sure its a simple setting that is causing this.