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    I've got Wireless Sync doing a ReadySync every 4 hours and I see the icon on the Today Screen but sometimes it disappears... and I need to do a quick reset or re-start the application in order for the icon to re-appear... any thoughts?
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    Wireless sync sometimes closes when RAM is running very low and needs to be restarted.
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    I have similar problems... I have mine running with push enabled for email on the fly. There has been many instances where the icon disappeared and I stopped getting my emails... other times, it got bumped over to the left for something that was "invisible."

    Any ideas on the cause/solution of that? BTW, I already implemented the memory fix at the top of this forum...
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    I've got to pay attention to it a little closer... but I have mine to ReadySync every 4 hours and I think the icon had disappeared earlier today and now it's back... I've been kinda busy all day so I could have reset it at some point quickly without thinking... not sure... I also do see it getting "bumped" over to the left from time to time.... annoying.
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    If there is no icon in the system tray that means its not running. Either because WM closed it (as was suggested earlier by someone else) or you mistakenly closed the app (a 3rd party program that uses the X to close, etc). Probably the memory issue, you can try and resolve this by reading the "lower memory limit" sticky and see if you can adjust this setting.
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    I have done the settings in the "Lower Memory Limit" thread... this has certainly helped in having Wireless Sync stay active and has also helped in keeping it from getting "bumped" over to the left... but, it is still happening! Any suggestions on any causes of this?
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    Get a program like I said above that CLOSES programs when you exit them. Sounds like you run out of RAM too often.

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