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    Ever since Malatesta turned me on to Map4pda, I have been in love with it (thanks again, Mal!)... I have, however, on occasion, noticed some issues and behaviors with the app that I was curious about. That is, curious if anyone else is experiencing them. I am not one to complain about something I get for free, so that's not the point. Just wondering what kind of things you guys see when you're using it.

    In my case, it sometimes hangs on the GPS tracking, although I realize that could be a hardware (GPS receiver) issue. But it also crashes randomly sometimes, when everything is working well... also, I have a hard time getting the driving directions commands to work. It usually hangs when I start to search for a starting destination and I have to soft reset and reopen it to get it back again...

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    yup, it occasionally crashes. that's a known fact about it. probably related to memory and CF 2.0, but who knows.

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    That's cool, then. As long as it's to be expected...

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