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    I've had my slingbox for a year and have been using it with my laptop all that time with no problems. With my Treo 700wx I get inconsistant performance. The stream will usually start strong (150-250kbps and 14-25 fps) but after a couple of minutes it will drop down (75-125kbps and 10-14 fps). Sometimes it goes down to 25-50kbps and then stops on a single frame.

    I'm currently using Slingmobile 1.1 beta2, have 786kbs upload on my comcast cable, and usually have good signal strength on my phone.

    Are any of you having success with the sling and treo using custom settings? Or are you using the standard slingstream settings? When I check my evdo speed I usually get between 300-400kbps down so I should have adequate feed to the player. Any help would be appreciated, I have alot of sitting around time where a quick slingbox session would really help with the boredom.

    Oh, and I started this new thread because the other one was getting to large and really didn't discuss settings just how kick *** the sling experience is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You can set sound to mono as opposed to Stereo, I imagine that saves bandwidth and gives a better picture.

    Put it at "low action" for higher quality

    Other than that I don't really touch it.

    I didn't know Beta 2 was out

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    I haven't changed my settings from the default. I only have a 256kbps upload speed at home (the fastest my lame cable provider can offer), and get between 400-600kbos average download speed on my 700wx. I typically get 25-30fps and 240kbps when I sling. Are you on VZW? With the same upload at home, and similar download speeds on my device with VZW I was getting around the same results as you. Since I switched to Sprint my results have been much better. I'm using v1.0. Not sure why I get better results now than I did before.
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    I changed from stereo low to mono low to get a little better performance, but I found it doesn't really change things if the network is clogged up.

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