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    I had a problem with TCPMP in that if I tried to open any of my high bitrate movies, the player would just crash, sometimes requiring a soft reset. Overclocking wasn't helping. I thought I would take the plunge and try Coreplayer...

    ...and it works! This thing is playing movies better on my Treo 700wx with a 300mhz processor than TCPMP on my ppc6700 with a 400mhz processor. 700mb, highly compressed movies are playing without a hitch, full screen. Make sure you go to settings -> video -> IntelXScale.

    I've got a hp hw6945 coming in this week. I've got the video problem solved on my Treo, the only thing now making me want to switch is wifi. Decisions, decisions.
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    You gain WiFi but you lose ev-do. Bad tradeoff IMO since you can just buy an SD wifi card and throw it in your pocket for when you want to use it.

    Its huge too and probably sucks as a phone compared to the treo.

    You will also lose this great community support. Stick with the treo.

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