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    What are people paying for an unlocked Treo 750v and who has the best experience?

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    I paid $740 from Phonesource-USA on ebay. However, another post indicated they were out of stock till mid-November. I recommend them though!
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    Phonesource-USA was able to get a new batch in last week. I called and verified. Also it appears they are selling them on ebay again. Good news for all who want one
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    Phonesource-USA is the best price out of the stores that have it in stock. They had it cheaper last week for $739.95, now it's at $759.95.

    If you're willing to put in a preorder, check the "Stores Selling 750" thread. There are alot of cheaper options like mobile city online who apparently will sell them for $699 once they get them in.

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