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    Can anyone tell me...what is the "WMDRM" folder that has appeared on my storage card? Thanks!
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    I would imagine something to do with digital rights management and WMP, protected content and the like...
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    I have that too, is it okay to delete WMDRM folder?
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    I can't say for sure, as it's normally a hidden folder and might have repercussions. Although, if you never have protected content on your device, and don't use WMP, you could try... do a good backup first, just in case...
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    Have you sync'd any music to your treo using WMP sync? I think that folder holds license info for DRM protected media.
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    I have Mapopolis maps on the SD card...wonder if it's license info for them?
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    I have formatted my card several times with that folder on it and have had no issues.
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    I'm pretty sure you'd only need that folder if you have protected files that you need to play with WMP. Otherwise, you don't need it.

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