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    Well, I got my Palm leather holster case that I ordered from Palm's website today. I'm pretty disappointed with the belt clip though. I also got a Nutshell case that I ordered which is really stiff and the Treo's hard to remove (but I know that will loosen up as I use it...just like my other one did).

    Anyway, the Palm holster is nice but the clip sticks out which is what I don't like. I've attached a pic. I'll be happy to answer any questions
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    I agree with how much the belt clip sucked. I sent mine back to Palm today.
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    I haven't sent mine back, but the belt clip does stink and sticks out too far. But I do like the holster itself, though it's a little stiff & hard to slide the Treo out, but i believe it will get better with time.
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    Yeah, I'm kinda debating it right now. I like the Nutshell case I got much better but think it's going to muffle the speaker and I won't hear the ring. At least with the Palm case, it drops down exposing the speaker a bit.
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    That is exactly what I feared about the case. Will look at other options myself.
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    seeing this makes me wish I still had my slip case that came with the trei 600!
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