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    Finally got some things done Today, aside from tinkering with my wx. When I looked to see all the wonderful things I'd done, they were gone!

    Found a hit that said default Active sync is to only sync active tasks, so once a task is completed, and active sync takes place the task disappears. Ok, it says to change the options for Active Sync to "include completed items".

    Easy fix...but under my Active Sync, there are no options available for Tasks. How do I keep my completed tasks in WX?
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    Why does it matter? You did it! Task completion! The holy grail of each work day... unless you're trying to keep a record of all the stuff you've done to prove (perhaps to a slightly nagging significant other) that you don't "do nothing all day" and you "have some motivation to get off your a$$" and possibly "find a direction in your life for God's sake".

    Not that I ever heard that stuff, or needed to prove my taskiness to anyone...

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    No more nagging. But it is nice to kick back and say...Look what I did today! I wish I could change the activesync properties...
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    Here you go buddy. On your device, go to tasks, menu, filter and then select what you want to see. You should be able to relish in your accomplishments all you want.

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