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    I'm hoping this will fix the Treo Voice Command through bluetooth issue:

    According to Howard Forums Voice Command 1.6 is going to be launched on December 15th. Here's a copy of the text:

    A contributor who has some inside contact says that MS is nearing an update to VC, which will have the following enhancements (we can only hope it is true):

    Here is a little update on VC 1.6
    What's New:
    -Bluetooth handsfree support (requires a phone with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack)
    -Acoustic models optimized for 8kHz and bluetooth audio
    -Spoken incoming email notifications
    -Bluetooth notification routing
    -Smartphone retail support
    -Performance improvements

    Still waiting to hear on a release date.

    "Looks like it's pretty close to release

    Here's the link for Microsoft's launch date
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    Still unclear whether the 700wx has the bluetooth stack mentioned. I brought this up in another thread and someone sais they thought it has the MS stack, but I doubt it considering none of the bluetooth voice dialing hacks out already seem to work....
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    From MobileTech Review:

    The Treo 700w uses Microsoft's no-frills Bluetooth stack which lacks Wizards or any other user-friendly way of walking you through the connection process... (source)
    also from Palm:

    Bluetooth partnership with PC If you haven't already established a Bluetooth "trusted pair" relationship with the PC, you will be asked to do so while setting up Bluetooth ActiveSync (below).

    Important: These steps will only work if your computer is using a Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. Otherwise, please consult your Bluetooth Adapterís documentation for help configuring Active Sync.
    Not sure if your computer needs the MS BT stack b/c the Palm uses that too or just b/c it's what works...

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    Unclear if "no frills Microsoft stack" means Microsofts stack is generally no-frills, or they used a skimmed version of the MS stack. Thanks for making me more confused! j/k
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    I'm thinking skimmed!

    From MS themselves...

    Version: 1.2
    Profiles: GAP (General Access Profile), GOEP (OEXP – General
    Object Exchange Profile), SPP (Serial Port Profile), HSP (Headset
    Profile), HFP (Hands Free Profile), ActiveSync Profile (custom
    Microsoft stack for ActiveSync over Bluetooth)

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    The i730 I KNOW had OBEX, and I've never seen this on the wx. Activesync over bluetooth has been a battle for me (which I lose every time). I will go search, but does anyone activesync over bluetooth?

    Back to the point, I totally agree. Palm at its finest!
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    I know when the 700w was new and there were usb activesync problems most everyone used bluetooth activesync to get around it. So it does work.
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    The stack on the 700wx is the Microsoft stack. There are some profiles that are disabled in it, but it's the MS stack. Here's to hoping the new VC will provide voice dialing!
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    I sure hope this is true and we as 700wx owners can finally have bluetooth name dialing. PLEASE BE TRUE

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