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    I am sure there are many ways of doing this - searched the threads - did not find much. Hence the new thread. What are your solutions?

    EDIT: GCAL = Google Calendar
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    Found this the other day. I installed it, but it always says it can't connect to the email server, although I can clearly sync with the server just fine. Maybe you might have better luck. Btw, this is on an i-Mate PDA2 (WM2003SE) so I don't know if that was the problem.

    EDIT: WHOOPS! Sorry, for some reason I thought you meant GAL as in Global Address Lookup on exchange.... my bad...
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    I started using GooSync within the last week and have been happy with the results. It's Beta as is Google Calendar, but it works.
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    Some more options:

    CalendarShare for partners and secretaries

    I tested the above out for a week's worth of appts, and it works pretty well. i was able to add an appt on the treo, sync and have it show up on gcal. however, i could not CHANGE an existing appointment. it simply was added to gcal under the new name



    Remote Calendars
    - ag47
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    You may have used an old version of CalendarShare. The current version does propagate changes on your handheld. The exception is when you change an event on your Treo *and* on GCAL in between syncs. Then it gives you both choices on both sides. If you are sharing your calendar with someone else, then this is the option that was requested by users.
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    What about oggsync? I came across it somewhere and it looks promising. A little pricey, but promising.

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