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    Man, I'm addicted to PDAs. I just can't find "the one." I've had my 700wx for a week now, and the lack of wifi is driving me crazy. I thought I could get by without it, but I can't. I know I can get a wifi sd card, but I know I'll lose it.

    So, I've actually went back to using my ppc6700, and I can't stand the sliding keyboard on that thing and its slow screen redraws. I pop the device out and press power, open the keyboard, and I sit and wait for several seconds before I can do anything until the screen orientation flips. So annoying.

    My problem is I've ordered an hw6945. I'm going to try it out and see how it goes. I'll wind up selling either it or the 700wx depending on which I can tolerate the most.

    Anyone else looking at the 700wx vs. the hw6945?
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    I know Julie at the Gadgeteer just got the HP and will be reviewing it. I'm anxious to hear what she has to say about it. Her initial thought was the thing is huge.
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    Cool, I'll keep on the lookout for Julie's review. I've already read several reviews of the hw6900 series, and I've not heard size being an issue, but it is indeed a bit wider than the treos. Weight is about the same. Screen is a little bigger, and the keyboard is spaced out a little more. I'll post on Treocentral my personal comparison between the 700wx and the hw6945, if you guys care.
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    Why do you just buy the SD WiFi card for your wx and see if you can survive without the SD memory.
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    My only problem with HP is their lack of attention to mobile devices. My last HP was their top of the line HX4700 that desperately needed a ROM upgrade to WM5.0. It took them over a year to actually produce it and claimed it was a driver issue. Then they immediately discontinued the PDA. This latest Smartphone has taken them over a year to produce and the only thing that's really changed is the operating system. If this device has any issues or bugs you'd better understand that they'll be in no hurry to do anything about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    Why do you just buy the SD WiFi card for your wx and see if you can survive without the SD memory.
    Some days, I go to work and realize hours later (accidentally) that I forgot my SD Card at home.

    So it's pretty easy to go w/o external memory, imo.

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    IMHO, the 2 best devices are the Samsung i830w and the 700wx. Samsung is the best PDA with a phone, the wx is the best phone w/pda capabilities. The wx has no wifi, the 830w has no camera. Choose which one you can live without: I did and thats why I'm here.

    The 6700 has NO ease-of-use. Slide out keyboards, from my experience, are a CHORE at best. Widows Mobile was designed to utilize keyboard presses, so you may like the 6945. I know nothing about GSM phones, never tried any. But it does look big!
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    Hey folks,

    I dug up a couple of screen shots from the web comparing the iPaq 6900 and the Treo:

    As you can see, the iPaq isn't THAT much different. Only the palm of my hand will know the truth.

    Anyhow, as for the comments about carrying around a wifi card...I wear scrubs all day long. I have to wear a holster or else I break PDAs (broke 3 screens already!). An sd card is just something else I have to carry around and loose. Pockets on scrubs are tiny, any things fall out of the shirt pocket when you bend over, or get crushed in the back pocket when you sit down. Seidio's holsters have revolutionized how I carry PDAs, and have saved me money on broken screens. The hw6900 has its own holster.

    One other problem I have with the 700wx: the slower processor. My high bit-rate movies play fine on the ppc6700, but cause the Treo to choke (even when the Treo is overclocked). Not a deal breaker, but I'm hoping the iPaq will be able to handle the files.
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    Oh yeah, as for the Samsung, I'm done with sliding keyboards. Plus I like having a camera. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDAholic View Post
    As you can see, the iPaq isn't THAT much different.
    I couldn't disagree more.

    Those millimeters might not matter much if it were a car, but it's a phone.
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    Millimeters do indeed matter. I tell myself that everytime I see myself naked.

    Anyhow, I tend to use my devices as PDAs, not phones. I trash so many PDAs that I can't use them as phones or I would have no tele. Anyhow, I've gone through two HTC Universals. Think about how big those things are as phones!

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