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    I currently have a Treo 650 with Cingular... I love it as a PDA, but I have hated it as a phone.

    I was looking at switching to Verizon with *some* kind of PDA phone, but just found out that work is going to provide me with whatever I want - but it has to be from Cingular.

    Is the 700 better as a phone than the 650? How about the 8125?

    I need Windows Remote Desktop and HTML web browsing along with the normal PDA stuff - but I also want it to be a good PHONE... Audio quality in and out, reception, etc. Do any of these stand above the others in this regard?
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    I just realized I posted this in the 700w Hardware thread... sorry

    Can a mod move it to the general thread or wherever is most appropriate?
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    Oh crap... Sorry again - just realized Cing doesn't have the 700w -- told you I was looking at going to Verizon before this work thing came up....

    How about that comparison between the 650 and the 8125 - or anything else at Cingular....

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