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    My son converted my entire music collection to Itunes and he has a lot of musigc he has bought from Apple Itunes.What software is available to play it on a 700W /WM5 platform. I would prefer to avoid fil conversion programs and simply have a media player.

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    My understanding is that Windows Media Player on the Treo can NOT play files in the M4a format. I think this is Apple's proprietary format. The way I got around it was basically a conversion.

    1. Burn the iTunes music to CD
    2. Read theis CD in using a product to copy it as a MP3 or WMA file. (I used Windows Media Player 10 on the PC.

    I hope this helps.

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    Or just use iTunes to convert the songs to mp3 (eventhough Breezy said he didn't want to convert)...
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    Is there a software that can sweep thru a given directory on my PC to convert m4a to mp3 files?

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