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    At work this morning, I was listening to some streaming audio while charging the phone. I got a popup that said the battery was too cold to charge and charging would stop.

    The phone has not spent any time in cold weather. OK, it's 40 outside but the phone was in my pocket and I spent very little time outside. Also, the phone had been inside for a couple of hours when I got the message.

    I unplugged and replugged and it worked fine. Odd.
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    Funny enough i had the same thing a couple of days ago only had it once but was very strange indeed.
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    I had the exact same thing happen once. It hasn't reoccured since then though.
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    It happened to me once as well. I was in the office and plugged it in to charge it. He then proceeded to charge the battery nonetheless.
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    Yep, same here. Once in the morning. Just pressed OK and the charging icon came back on.
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    got it too
    is there a temperature sensor in the battery?
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    Same here, so it seems that many of us 750v owners are experiencing this, I wonder if a Vodaphone user on TC can contact them to try to find out what the issue is.
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    To be honest, in thirteen days I've seen this warning once. Doesn't seem like a big issue.
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    It's not a biggy for me either. I bought the 750 because my 650 kept saying the battery was almost dead and it had to shut down (even though the battery had plenty of juice).

    Of course, after getting the 750, I think the only problem with the 650 was that the connection to the battery was loose. I taped some paper to the battery to make it tighter and didn't get the message for a day. Oh well.

    This 750 battery problem is barely even a problem.
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    had the same message once
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    I've had my Cingular 750 for about a month, and I see this message about once a week. My Treo spends very little time outdoors, so it doesn't make any sense. Did anyone ever find out why it keeps popping up?
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    No I don't think anyone found out. I myself have not had this occur since ocotber 2006.
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    Ha the same message come up once, after that, I havent seen it any more.

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