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    A few hours? I don't think it will take that long. You'll find a lot of your programs can be reinstalled straight through activesync
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    ...I just got this bug!!!!

    Started with a familiar prompt related to Palm Messaging...tmail.exe. Cann't access mail. Seen this before, just run the Palm Messaging install again to fix it. But now I can't run the cab files!!! Any Cab files...

    Sprint did some reprovisioning on my phone yesterday...wonder if that has anything to do with it??

    hope I don't have to hard reset again..
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    Reset to earlier today...still no luck. But this time it says "not a valid pocket pc file' or something. Weird.

    Reset to yesterday's backup, and it works fine.
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    I have run into a similar problem.. I can open cab files, but when installing either to storage card or main memory, it runs into an error and asks me to install elsewhere. I don't have any backups since last february Zagleft, I suspect that this was caused when I used Pocket Mechanic to do a registry clean. Did this cause the problem for you? Thanks.
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