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    I have downloaded mp3 to my SD card. They will only be recognized by WMP if I move them to the main memory. I have tried the playlists, etc, rebooted, soft reset, but no success. Help!
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    Open WMP - click Menu-Library and make sure the dot is selected on "Storage Card". Then go to Menu - Update Library. This should allow you to browse your music on the storage card and play from there. It just sounds like you had "My Device" selected and that's why it only saw music on your device and not the card.
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    I tried that already and it still will not play mp3 onthe sd card, or even see them. If I move them to RAM, they work fine. Ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    anyone have an idea?????
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    If the music is under Digital Rights Management (DRM) and you do not have or are unable to move the licenses to the Treo, then you cannot play the music.

    I ran into this on some music I purchased thorugh Rhapsody, that I use on my PC.

    I hope this helps.

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    i hate the media player on here... i upgraded to pocket player, still a little in convenient, but better than MP...

    in MP, i would just go to storage card and go to ALL MUSIC. Try putting them in a folder called "audio"

    in pocket player i had trouble with it recognizing ALL my songs... what fixed the problem was putting ALL the music in a single folder "music". I had them in sub-directories but it caused problems. also i would suggest getting an MP3 TAG editor.. I found out the treo likes the ID3V2 tags. I just made sure all my MP3s has ARTIST - ALBUM - TRACK # - TITLE.

    hope this helps - ps ive added downloaded songs & ripped ones from actual cds. never had a problem.
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    I have no prblems with it. I have folders for artists and album folders and some songs not in folders.

    I think that if you use Windows Media Player on your PC to sync the music onto the Treo 700W you may have fewer problems. That is what I did.

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    I have tried putting the mp3 on using the explorer and WMP from my desktop,. No luck as long as its on the SD card. Works fine on the device. I ripped the songs using real player. Could that be a problem?

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