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    Given that this phone has a brain melting amount of storage memory, what are your opinions? I have always made a point of installing everything but today apps to storage, but is there any perceivable advantage?

    Do apps run faster from main memory? Does the phone itself behave differently?

    What's been the general finding?
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    If its on the today screen, its in main memory. That should be engraved on the inside of the Treo's battery cover

    Everything else, install on your SC.
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    For me it's mixed. I could install it to only SC, but what would I do with the 30mb of free storage space? Turns out nothing.

    So I always keep about 15mb of free space for cache and photos and I like to keep most of my programs in main mem.

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    Well, see, the thing is, I have like 50mb of free memory, and I'm doing nothing with it, but I don't know if adding things into that memory will negatively impact performance of the phone. Then again, it stands to reason that if you have a program in main memory, it will load/operate somewhat faster (if only in theory)... so I'm torn. Therein lies the quandary.
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    fwiw, I've noticed NO performance drop with more programs in memory.

    I think having a lot of today plugins will degrade performance, or lots of programs in the background.

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