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    So my wife's Treo has not been receiving phone calls or text messages for the past few weeks. She does not use data or internet so i never saw the need to do the 1.10-VZW update to the phone. She is still running the 1.02 version.

    Her phone has worked perfectly up to the last few weeks. She does not receive any incoming calls or text messages. She does not even receive the "missed call" notification. Usually its when she makes an outgoing call that she gets all of the notifications and messages from the past few hours..

    So Verizon is trying to tell me that its because the phone needs the 1.10 update. I have a hard time believing this - but you know how they are: You MUST try their bull crap trouble shooting steps before they will send a new device.. I have even done a hard reset and that did not work.

    Maybe i'm completely off here - but not sure.. What do you all think??
    Not sure if this has anything to do with it - but where she works is a new EVDO area. They just rolled it out in that city about 3 weeks ago. Maybe this is a factor? She usually only has the 1x though since she never has the data connection.
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    That does not make since .i would call tech support and see what they said .i also found out that everyone at verizion said so different so eho doe you believe

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