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    I want to get a car holder that will charge my Treo 700W, allow me to play music through my tape adaptor and work with GPS by having an external speaker. I saw some online, but cannot remember where it was at. I hate the little Mini to regular headphone jack, it always comes loose, does not stay in the treo well. I want to mount this to my windshield or vent too to keep it high so I can see it well.
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    I'll vouche for this one: Very solidly built and has several mounting options. I use the duct mount in my Explorer, and the suction cup arm in other cars.

    I have eGrips on my 700w and this holds it solidly. I'm sure it would hold it without the eGrips just fine, but I'm not sure if a plastic snap-on shell cover would work or not.

    Some people like their cradles to contain charging ports or GPS receivers builtin, so that's up to your preference. Two movable pegs at the bottom of the adaptor allow you to get to any bottom ports you need.

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