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    I am so F-in frustrated right now!!! I have already searched and tried a few things from this forum to no avail.

    Is anyone willing to post step by step directions on how to set up syncing via bluetooth with the 700wx?

    I have a Kensington USB adapter and a PC computer running Windows XP.

    I understand that you have to set up a com port or serial port and pair the phone with the computer, but this is where I get stuck. Every time I try to "sync via bluetooth" in ActiveSync on the 700wx, it tells me I don't have a partnership set up to do that. Do I need to add a "New Incoming Port" or "New Outgoing Port"? I already have "allow connections to one of the following" in ActiveSync on the computer side and I have tried bluetoooth and ALLl the com ports that are listed in the drop down box....and still nothing.

    If someone could PM me or post a step by step "Setting Up ActiveSync Via Bluetooth on the 700wx for Dummies", I would truly appreciate it.
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    I don't remember going through all that...

    1. I went to the bluetooth options in the control panel and made my computer discoverable.
    2. In Activesync on my treo, I tried to sync via bluetooth, to which it said I didn't have a partnership with anything, and did I want to add one. I said yes, it scanned for bluetooth items in range, found my PC and asked me to enter a security code.
    3. On my pc, some bubble popped up from my system tray saying I need to deal with bluetooth stuff - so I did, and entered my security code from above.

    Finito. I closed my bluetooth preferences, and now when I hit the "Connect via Bluetooth" in Activesync on my treo, it connects & does it's thing.

    Not a perfect "step by step", but maybe if you start over you'll have better luck!
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    I had the same problem. I do not have the step by step directions, but I seem to remember I had to remove the BT manufactures driver and only use the MS generic BT driver (exactly what the BT - dongle instructions said not to do.) I will try to confirm later.
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    Thanks for the replies. If anyone has any other suggestions or tricks, I would appreciate knowing about them. Again, thanks very much.
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